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Deciding to purchase a collectible automobile is always a big decision and often a considerable investment. Whether you have already laid eyes on the car of your dreams or whether you are only starting to look without a concrete project in mind, I can guide you through the process to identify the perfect example. If a potential candidate has been found, a thorough inspection is always recommended: is the vehicle presented in its original colour? Does it still have its original engine and gearbox? Who performed previous works or a restoration? All those are questions that need to be answered before a decision can be made. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an established collector, a second opinion is always recommendable.



Selling your cherished classic car is not always easy, especially if you have owned your priced possession for many years. For that reason, it is all the more important to find the right home and the best future caretaker of your classic. I can assist with all aspects of selling a vehicle, starting with taking professional pictures, researching any missing bits of history, marketing the car and eventually finding the right buyer.

restoration advice

Restoration advice

Choosing the right artisan to perform works on a classic automobile is a crucial step to being able to enjoy your car to the fullest in the future. I can assist in identifying the right workshop to send your classic to, provide regular restoration reports, and advise you on the next steps in the process. A restoration will only be as good as the craftmanship that went into it. Additional considerations during a restoration can concern colours or materials and are important aspects that need to be carefully analysed beforehand. 

Historic research

Researching the history of a particular car can be tricky if you do not know where to start. Whether you’d like to find your grandfather’s car, long ago sold by another family member, you want to find out who the previous owners of your classic were or simply what might have been the original colour combination in which your car was delivered when new, I will help you in all those enquiries where possible.

historic research
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